Nonbinary Inclusion Project

The Nonbinary Inclusion Project is a grassroots organisation fighting for the inclusion and recognition of nonbinary people in law, media and everyday life within the UK.

Our primary aims are to:

  • Fight for nonbinary people to be recognised and protected in law. This includes work on the Gender Recognition Act and the Equality Act, amongst others.
  • Fight for appropriate access to healthcare and medical treatments for nonbinary people, without their having to experience undue burden in the process.
  • Publish best practice guides for organisations and companies to ensure that they are being inclusive of nonbinary people in their paperworks, records and businesses.
  • Ensure that organisations and companies are aware of the importance of supporting nonbinary customers, service users and staff.

The Nonbinary Inclusion Project is run by volunteers and relies on your donations to travel and produce materials in order to represent nonbinary people and their aims. If you’d like to donate to the Nonbinary Inclusion Project to help us continue our work, you can do so on PayPal.

The Nonbinary Inclusion Project is a member of LGBT Consortium.