Adopt a company competition

This competition is only open to nonbinary people and people with other gender identities except man or woman.

It’s time we started doing the main aim of the project and asking companies to make changes to their forms for nonbinary inclusion. And because we already have so much experience & creativity in our community, we’d like to see what you can come up with. And because activism should be as fun as possible and occasionally hilarious, we’ve turned it into a competition.

Your challenge:

Set up a campaign on your own blog/tumblr/website/etc which aims to persuade a company to make a change for nonbinary inclusion. For example, you could ask for nonbinary title options or more inclusive language. You can adopt a company from our list of requests or choose your own.

We’re looking for fun, creative ideas that will persuade rather than alienate the places we want to change. You can write them a letter, set up a petition or do something more creative – maybe you want to make a cartoon or a video, organise a twitter storm or send a postcard.

First prize:

A pair of knitted handwarmers as seen here – now choose your own colours  ; A gendrr t-shirt ; A £10 etsy voucher

Second prize:

A £10 etsy voucher; a pair of knitted handwarmers (the ones in the top picture)

We’d also love for people to donate prizes so we can add to this list.

Closing date: 10th August 2014.

To enter:

1) Make your campaign

2) Contact us with a link to your campaign and how we can get in touch with you if you win.

3) Also tell us if we can share your campaign to direct more people to it, and if you have any actions you want adding to the list – and if you do have actions are they open to binary-gendered supporters or not?

Good luck :)

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