What are your dreams for trans healthcare?

What are your dreams for trans healthcare?

My ideal trans healthcare would be based on the fact that it’s natural and normal for humans to have a range of gender identities and expressions. And that trans people are the experts on their own lives and should have autonomy over their own bodies.

You would self-refer. Then you would attend an information session where you could learn about the different treatments available (hormones, surgery, hair removal etc). You would learn about benefits, risks, what treatments can and can’t do. No gatekeeping, no diagnoses, no intrusive questions about your sex life and family history from complete strangers with clipboards. Then if you decided you wanted to go ahead with treatments you would have an individual consulation with a surgeon/endocrinologist/etc. They would check you understood the risks and benefits and discuss any relevant issues related to your personal physical health which might affect treatment options/risks. If you decided to go ahead at this stage you would sign a document to say you had had the risks explained to you and give informed consent and waive any right to sue the NHS so long as standards of care were reasonable (ie you promise not to sue if you changed your mind).

Oh and if anyone from the NHS is reading this, incidentally I think it would save you a LOT of money…. all those gatekeepers are expensive..

What’s yours?
(written by Alex)

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