Elections: Plaid Cymru reply

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update 10/4/15  – also all 3 Plaid MPs signed the early day motion on X passports.

With thanks to volunteer Nick for emailing this party for us.

Hi Nick

Thank you for your email and sorry for not getting back to you until now.

To give you an idea on some of our pledges for the LGBT community:

Plaid Cymru is committed to human rights. We are a party that celebrates diversity and wants to create a fair and equal society in which difference is respected. We believe that everybody, regardless of their characteristics or background, has a place in Wales’ future and should have the opportunity to reach their potential and make their own life choices. We will aim to reduce the gap in terms of equality of opportunity and life-chances that currently exist in Wales.

We will ensure that all schools and local authorities record incidents of homophobic bullying and seek to eradicate it by providing support and training to teachers, building on work that Plaid Cymru has already carried out. This will help them to better identify victims and act appropriately in cases of LGBT bullying in schools.

We will end the twelve month ban on blood donation by gay and bisexual men. We will provide support wherever possible to tackle isolation and provide safe spaces for individuals and groups.

We will toughen sentencing on homo, bi and transphobic hate crime and work closely with police authorities to ensure widespread recording.

We will work towards the implementation of a framework for Primary Care Service for Trans and Intersex people and the development of a Gender Identity Clinic in Wales.

I hope this goes a little way into answering your questions.

Many thanks


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