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Petition – Labour and Conservatives put nonbinary genders on the agenda

At the moment Labour and the Conservatives have no nonbinary-related policies. However, their answers on the pink news debate did sound promising.

We’ve now got a petition to ask them to put nonbinary issues, such as X passports and protection from discrimination, on the agenda.  Please go and sign that thing:

PS – It’s worded as “we…” but binary-gendered supporters are very welcome and encouraged to sign the petition as well :)

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NHS transplant service petition

We’ve started a petition here for the NHS transplant service to change their computer system so that it doesn’t misgender people who are transgender.  We asked them to:

a) record people’s titles and genders independently of physical characteristics that might affect blood donation

b) allow gender-inclusive titles such as Mx (which are frequently used by people who are nonbinary)

We’ve now had a partial response   saying that binary-gendered trans men and trans women can register in their correct gender. However we still need them to change things to include nonbinary people. We need more signatures to support this, so please do sign the petition.

Copy of letter (content note for some of the language around gender and physical characteristics)

Accessible transcript of letter: (content note for some of the language around gender and physical characteristics)


Dear Mx [name removed]

Thank you very much for getting in touch with us.

Your query has been passed on to our department for further comment. I can see that Vivian did explain that our IT system is currently unable to offer the options of non-specific gender title of Mx.

It is not a problem if a transgender person wishes to donate providing we establish the donor’s preferred gender i.e., male or female. Once we have established the preferred gender of the donor, we will treat the donor according to his/her preference. Trans men FtM donors will be treated as male donors regardless of their female characteristics and similarly we will treat trans women MtF donors as female donors regardless of their male characteristics. Again, the donor has to decide whether they will be gendered as male or female before we can proceed. It is clinically important for us to identify wheter the donor is male or female in order to ensure we only accept donations when it is safe for both donors and recipients. Our haemoglobin testing on session have different acceptance levels between male and female donors. We have a much higher cut-off level for male donors than female donors. I must apologise for the wrong information you have been given. Male donors tend to have a higher haemoglobin count compared to female donors but not necessarily the platelet count. There are various factors why this is the case and one of these are the high levels of testosterone among the male population including those on testosterone therapy i.e. trans men donors.

Hoping you will find the information useful. Please feel free to contact our helpline on 0300 123 23 23 if you need to discuss further and request to be put through to the Clinical Support Team. We are available between 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 5.00pm on weekends.

With best wishes and kindest regards,

Yours Sincerely

Albin Fabiana Senior Nurse Practitioner

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Adopt a company competition

This competition is only open to nonbinary people and people with other gender identities except man or woman.

It’s time we started doing the main aim of the project and asking companies to make changes to their forms for nonbinary inclusion. And because we already have so much experience & creativity in our community, we’d like to see what you can come up with. And because activism should be as fun as possible and occasionally hilarious, we’ve turned it into a competition.

Your challenge:

Set up a campaign on your own blog/tumblr/website/etc which aims to persuade a company to make a change for nonbinary inclusion. For example, you could ask for nonbinary title options or more inclusive language. You can adopt a company from our list of requests or choose your own.

We’re looking for fun, creative ideas that will persuade rather than alienate the places we want to change. You can write them a letter, set up a petition or do something more creative – maybe you want to make a cartoon or a video, organise a twitter storm or send a postcard.

First prize:

A pair of knitted handwarmers as seen here – now choose your own colours  ; A gendrr t-shirt ; A £10 etsy voucher

Second prize:

A £10 etsy voucher; a pair of knitted handwarmers (the ones in the top picture)

We’d also love for people to donate prizes so we can add to this list.

Closing date: 10th August 2014.

To enter:

1) Make your campaign

2) Contact us with a link to your campaign and how we can get in touch with you if you win.

3) Also tell us if we can share your campaign to direct more people to it, and if you have any actions you want adding to the list – and if you do have actions are they open to binary-gendered supporters or not?

Good luck :)

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